Luna Corona Billboard Captures the Crescent Moon as a Slice of Lime

Luna Corona - Crescent Moon Billboard

It appears I’m the only person who ever thought about holding my bottle of Corona up to the moon.

Working with a team of astronomers, ad agency Cramer-Krasselt has created the “Luna Corona’, a billboard located on 15th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan, positioned to capture the crescent moon in the mouth of a bottle of Corona. The experience should be viewable from approximately 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET, assuming clear skies over NYC.

Luna Corona seems like a great idea for a mobile augmented reality campaign. Have Corona fans around the world capture the crescent moon using their smartphone camera, upload it with a #LunaCorona hashtag. Use each image’s GPS coordinates to designate each person’s personal beach (to bring in the campaign messaging). My apologies if this has already done, but there are certainly plenty of worse ideas out there.

[via Campaign Brief USA]


Shoppers Feed Pigs Live via Smartphone in Support of Animal Welfare Charity

Compassion in World Farming - Live Pig Feed

Recently, shoppers at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, West London were given the chance to put their smartphones to a different use. While they watched on a giant digital screen, they could connect to a special URL to activate a feed machine which scattered apples and other feed to a group of free-range pigs at Collings Hanger Farm in nearby Buckinghamshire.

The feeding machine, which was created by members of the engineering department at London South Bank University, read information collected from the user’s smartphone’s accelerometer to determine where and how far to scatter the feed.

After feeding the pigs, a personalized message of thanks appeared on the screen along with a prompt asking others to make a donation to Compassion in World Farming.

The campaign, created by Elvis Communications, was a winner in Ocean Art of Outdoor competition, in which agencies and brands were invited to come up with ideas that pushed the creative boundaries of outdoor advertising.

[via Ocean]


Ogilvy Deploys Purposeful Outdoor Ads to Promote IBM Smarter Cities

IBM Smarter Cities

IBM and the Paris office of ad agency Ogilvy & Mather have created a series of outdoor advertising with an added practical purpose. The colorful ad installations were constructed to include a bench, an overhang to provide shelter from the rain, and a ramp to help people more easily navigate stairs.

The campaign promotes IBM’s “People for Smarter Cities” initiative, which looks to bring people from around the world together to collaborate on solutions that improve the ways that cities function.

[via Gute Werbung]


Worms Eat Away at Poster to Highlight Anti-Drug Message

Crack Consumes - Beetle Larvae

A campaign running at the Galleria do Rock (Gallery of Rock), a rock-themed mall in São Paulo, highlights the dangers of crack cocaine by showing the faces of people living with addictions literally being eaten away from the inside.

The posters printed on dough, contained hundreds of hungry beetle larvae that happily ate away at the poster, reinforcing the message “O Crack Consome” (Crack Consumes).

The campaign was created by São Paulo agency Talent.

Crack Consumes from Malabar Filmes on Vimeo.

[via The Denver Egotist]


Marks & Spencer Creates Blooming QR Code Billboard for Mother’s Day Deals

Marks & Spencer - Blooming QR Code

Shoppers at Westfield White City shopping centre were given the opportunity to win flowers for a year from Marks and Spencer by scanning a QR code on a billboard made up of 9,457 flowers.

The 5×3 metre billboard, which took 179 hours to complete, was designed by CURB media and developed by the creative team at Profero. Once the promotion is done and the billboard is taken the down, the flowers will be turned into compost.

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The Weather Network Teases ‘Spring Outlook’ in Toronto with Living Billboard

The Weather Network - Living Billboard Spring Update

With the wind bringing temperatures down to a biting -12 C in downtown Toronto this morning (Monday, March 4), Canada’s The Weather Network tried to provide a hint of spring with a ‘living billboard’ and giveaway of 10,000 yellow tulips to the bundled-up pedestrians.

With the ‘official’ launch of Spring still several weeks away, The Weather Network was asking people to tune-in for the broadcast of its Spring Outlook tonight at 9pm EST.

The project was coordinated by PR agency, High Road Communications.


Shadow of ‘Game of Thrones’ Dragon Appears on Los Angeles Office Tower

Game of Thrones - Dragon Shadow

You couldn’t blame drivers in LA for slowing down or doing a double-takes as they saw what appeared to be the shadow of a huge dragon against the size of a Sunset Boulevard office tower. The billboard promotes Season 3 of Game of Thrones which returns to HBO on March 31.

But the dragon sightings aren’t just confined to the west coast, the shadow of one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons can also spotted in a NY Times spread earlier this week.

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Billboard in Lima, Peru Produces Potable Water From the Air

UTEC Billboard Creates Potable Water Generator

A billboard in Lima, Peru serves two important functions. It not only advertises the courses at UTEC, the University of Engineering and Technology, but demonstrates the capabilities of the school’s engineering students by producing purified water from the the air.

Lima, home to over 9 million people, is situated on a long stretch of coastal desert where it rarely rains, making access to safe water a challenge for many in the city. Despite the lack of rain, the high humidity in the air enables the 5 generators contained in the billboard to convert the humid air into water.

In just 3 months, the billboard created by UTEC and MayoDraftFCB has produced 9450 litres of water for people in the area.

[via Creative Criminals]


South African Bug Killer Brand Promoted with Massive Billboard Made of Shoes

DOOM - Wall of Shoes

South African bug killer brand Doom and TBWA South Africa sought to illustrate their product’s killing power by comparing it to the most common form of “spur-of-the-moment” bug control, the shoe.

With nearly 100,000 species of bugs found in the country, that’s a lot of shoe smacking. The agency constructed a 22 metre tall billboard featuring 5771 shoes, carefully positioned to create a massive mosaic of a can of Doom. The public was then given the opportunity to win cash prizes by guessing the total number of shoes on the billboard.

This massive outdoor execution is in sharp contrast to the tiny bug dioramas set up in small building cracks earlier this year by DOOM and their agency.

South Africa

Nestlé Outfits Chocolate Bars with GPS Trackers in ‘We Will Find You’ Contest

Kit Kat - We'll Find YouThat chocolate bar you’re eating might just be smarter than you think, it may actually be location aware.

Nestlé have distributed 6 chocolate bars somewhere in the UK outfitted with GPS trackers embedded in the packaging.

Once a buyer activates the GPS tracker, Nestlé’s prize team will locate them within 24 hours and deliver a check for £10,000.

As a secondary part of the promotion, Nestlé is also running a 2-week out-of-home campaign on 3,000 posters outfitted with NFC and QR code touchpoints.

The OOH touchpoints direct users to a mobile-friendly site where they can enter an on-pack code for an opportunity to win one of 2,000 £10 prizes.

The ‘We Will Find You‘ campaign was created by JWT London.