Skippy the Robot Promotes Sun Valley With Remote Control Stone-Skipping

Skippy the Rock Skipping Robot

It’s rare for me to stroll pass a calm body of water and not want to stop and skip a few stones across the surface. I’m lucky enough to live a short walk away from the Credit River, Port Credit Harbour and Lake Ontario… now if I can just find some super smooth stones along the shore for that perfect skip.

For those stone-skippers trapped in the city away from the water, Skippy the Stone Skipping Robot is available to help. This week Skippy has been positioned at the edge of a small lake in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he can be operated by remote control in real-time by users around the world. But, you’ll have to catch Skippy during the daylight, as he’s apparently afraid of the dark.

The site also features an opportunity to win a vacation to Sun Valley by packing your getaway car with activities such as fly fishing, white water rafting and a night in a Coyote Yurt. (yes, I had to look it up too)

The Skip Town campaign was created by San Francisco agency Eleven.


Sprite Ad Features Models that are Literally Blended Into the Background

Sprite Camouflage

Shot on the streets of Prague, this new ad for Sprite is surely inspired by the amazing work of Chinese urban camouflage artist Liu Bolin. Liu paints his models so that they literally disappear against their complex backgrounds.

The make-up crew involved in this ad shoot did an incredible job matching his style. The models are positioned against trees, brick walls, and advertising. One amazing scene features a model seated on a park bench with the background elements seamlessly painted onto his back, he only becomes truly visible when the actor walks behind him, revealing his silhouette. Watch the full ad and a ‘making of’ video below.

Jordan Kramer, copywriter at BBH New York explained, “The basic concept behind this ad is we are using camouflage as a metaphor for kind of blending into your environment, not standing out, not expressing yourself in your own way.”

While the concept is a more than a little obvious, the execution is mind-blowing.

The Camouflage ad is a creative collaboration between the offices of BBH Shanghai/BBH New York. The spot was directed by Peter Thwaites of Gorgeous.


Ken Block Tears Through the Streets of San Francisco in Gymkhana Five

Gymkhana Five - Ken Block San Francisco

For a few years in the early 70s the ‘go to’ show for action packed car chases was ‘The Streets of San Francisco’. Michael Douglas and Karl Malden starred as homicide detectives Steve Keller and Mike Stone would pursue the bad guys up and down the steep hills in their swamp green 1971 Ford Galaxie (here’s a clip). The TV show followed the motion picture

In 2012 Monster Energy rally team member (and DC Shoes co-founder) Ken Block gets his chance at tearing up those same streets of San Francisco is Gymkhana 5. Gymkhana is a timed auto racing event involving a complex course involving reversals, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, figure 8s and other advanced driving skills.

The video was shot over four days by director Ben Conrad and his team and shows Block screaming through and over such iconic San Francisco landmarks as the Bay Bridge, trolley cars and the waterfront warehouses in his 650 horsepower Ford Fiesta. I’d love to see someone put together a custom Google Maps showing the various areas that the video was .

It’s great product exposure for Monster, DC Shoes, Ford and the streets of San Francisco.


‘Delite-o-matic’: How Far Would You Go For a Free Vending Machine Snack?

Fantastic Delites Vending Machine
How far would go for a free vending machine snack?

Would you push a big red button 20 times, 100 times or how about 1000 times? Would you bow down on your knees, do jumping jacks or dance around like the robot?

Ad agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide and production company Anifex combined their efforts to come up with an innovative way to promote rice snack brand ‘Fantastic Delites‘ by creating the Delite-o-Matic. A virtual version of the machine is hosted on the Fantastic Delites website. To enter the online version of the promotion, visitors are required to click the virtual Delite-O-Matic 100 times, then suggest new challenges for next appearance of the real-life machine. The more clicks that are accumulated the better the prizes get; from a Roomba for 10,000 clicks to a trip for 2 to a private island in Fiji. Contest is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

The real version of the machine made an appearance at Melbourne’s Southern Cross station where people proved how far they would go for a package of Fantastic Delites, including one woman who pressed the red button an incredible 5000 times.

Erik de Roos, account director at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide explained: “We started with the insight that once people try Fantastic Delites, they generally end up buying them. So we were looking for a unique way to get people to taste the product.”

via Ad Pitch, Campaign Brief


Subaru Launches Sizzling Campaign for New BRZ in Montreal


Subaru Canada had heads turning on the streets of Montreal last month with an an ambient street-art installation featuring a 2013 Subaru BRZ surrounded by a burnt mailbox, singed bike rack, melted street lamp and a massive 32’ heat-blasted brick wall.

The installation was enhanced with singed posters featuring a QR code and embedded with NFC enabled tags provided by TAPmeTAGS Inc. The tags were directed consumers to a dedicated BRZ landing page where they could learn more about the vehicle, view images and book a test drive.

The Montreal ambient installation will be coming to major cities across Canada this summer.

The national campaign features also features a 60-second online film titled ‘Scorched’. The film was captured with Phantom camera technology capable of creating extreme slow-motion shots.

The campaign was created by Toronto’s Tribal DDB.


To enhance the installation DDB Public Relations engaged Canadian NFC tech firm, TAPmeTAGS Inc. to provide NFC enabled tags as part of a test-pilot program to encourage consumer interaction onsite. Singed wild postings surrounding the installation encouraged passersby to “tap or snap” using their NFC phones. This directed consumers to a dedicated BRZ landing page where they could learn more about the vehicle, view images and book a test drive.

Brad Pitt’s Younger Brother Doug Headlines New Virgin Mobile Campaign

Doug Pitt - Celebro

Life in Springfield, Missouri may not be as fast-paced as Hollywood or Cannes, but it looks like it suits Doug Pitt just fine. Doug mows the lawn, washes the car, and (eventually) sinks basketball shots without hordes of paparazzi jumping out of the bushes.

Virgin Mobile Australia have tapped Doug, the younger brother of Brad and owner of Springfield’s ServiceWorld Computer Center, as the star of their new ‘Fair Go for All’ campaign.

The idea here, is that Virgin Mobile wants to give Doug a taste of the lifestyle of his more famous brother, starting with his first celebrity endorsement. Viewers are directed to, where their Facebook Like will take Doug from ‘Just a Bro’ to ‘CeleBro’.

Oh, and by the way Virgin Mobile is offering Celebrity Deals at Celebrity Brother Deals.


Speedy VWs Face-Off Against Fast Talkers, Beat Boxers and More

Volkswagen Fast vs Fast

To help remind potential car buyers that their cars are not just sensible transportation, Volkswagen has created a series of tongue-in-cheek ‘Fast vs Fast’ challenges to demonstrate that their cars are nit just sensible, but speedy too. The challengers must demonstrate their speed skills before the car completes a lap… while riding along in the passenger seat.

The challengers include: Beat-boxer J-Flo, speed-talker Fran Capo, speed guitarist John Taylor, and Anthony Brooks, master Rubik’s cube solver.

Volkswagen isn’t messing around either, they’ve hired race car driver and stuntman Eric Norris, (son of ‘the’ Chuck Norris as their wheel man in the challenges.

The Fast vs Fast clips were created by Deutsch and produced by Recommended Media.

via Agency Spy

Volkswagen GTI vs. Beat Boxer

Volkswagen Jetta GLI vs. Speed Talker

Volkswagen Golf R vs. Speed Rubik’s Cuber

Volkswagen Jetta GLI vs. Speed Guitarist


Buggy Ad Campaign Uses Building Cracks as Cockroach Dioramas

Doom Fogger - Roachville

Johannesburg, South Africa agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris had been tasked with coming up with an out-of-home campaign illustrating how the DOOM Fogger gets into every nook and cranny to kill bugs.

As an alternative to more traditional outdoor media, the agency took the challenge literally and created advertising spaces out of the cracks and holes in the walls of buildings. They created Roachville; cockroach dioramas showing the insects posed in living room, bedroom and cafe scenes. Large colourful highlights pointed toward the tiny scenes with the headline “Gets to Where They Live”.

via Ads of the World

South Africa

McDonald’s Euro 2012 Passion-Meter – An Italian Brother Carries a Secret

McDonald's Passion-Meter Euro 2012

For the past month 16 teams have battled to make it today’s final of Euro 2012, and after all those games it’s come down to Italy versus 2008 champions Spain.

Throughout the tournament, McDonald’s Passion-Meter site has been capturing the screams, shouts and cheers of support from fans around the world. The Irish team made have no wins to show for their effort this year, but they lead the passion-meter over all the other countries.

To commemorate the final, McDonald’s has created a touching story of Guido and Bellino, two Italian brothers traveling from their small town to Kiev for the big game. But Bellino carries a secret.

The McDonald’s Passion-Meter was created by DDB Paris.


Banco Sabadell Celebrates 130th anniversary with Orchestral Flashmob

Som Sabodell Orchestra Flashmob

On May 19, people enjoying a quiet evening out at Placa de Roc in Sabadell, Spain were in for a wondrously noisy surprise.

What appears to be a single street performer playing the opening notes of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony quickly expands to include more and more musicians. The group eventually includes over 100 people from the Orchestra Simfònica del Vallès and singers from the Amics de l’Òpera de Sabadell, Coral Belles Arts and Cor Lieder Camera.

The flashmob was assembled to celebrate it’s 130th anniversary of Banco Sabadell.

The creative agency for the flashmob was Remake and the film was shot by Onidea.