How to Make the Alaska Look Tiny

Alaska Communications

Alaska is the largest State of the United States, at over 662,000 square miles it’s over twice as big as Texas. However, it’s also the least populated state at only 1.2 inhabitants for every square mile. Another quick fact is that there are 24 grizzly bears for every Alaskan (30,000 grizzlies are estimated to live in Alaska).

A new ad for Alaska Communications wants to illustrate how it’s products are helping to bring people closer together and make the massive state feel a little bit smaller. The ad makes use of a tilt-shift technique to create the illusion of miniaturization by using a special lens that can adjust to blur the edges of an image, while keeping part of it in sharp focus. The technique is now a built-in feature of popular photo-sharing platform Instagram. The miniature illusion is further enhanced by having the video shot at just four frames a second, providing the ad with the feel of stop-motion animation.

The ad was created by San Diego agency Vitro and directed by Sam O’Hare of Aero Film.

If you like the effect, here’s 10 more examples from around the world.


Yasiin Bey & Niel Shoe Meulman Interpret Muhammad Ali’s ‘The Greatest’

Louis Vuitton - The Greatest

When Muhammad Ali appeared in London during the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics, it marked 52 years since Ali had won the gold medal at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. There’s never been anyone who could trash talk like Ali, especially since he had such little trouble backing it up.

Ali is, and will always be ‘The Greatest’.

The words of Muhammad Ali’s ‘The Greatest’ are central to the new campaign from Louis Vuitton Journeys. Yasiin Bey (better known as rapper and actor Mos Def) was brought together with Dutch Calligraffiti artist (a combination of calligraphy and graffiti) Niel Shoe Meulman. As Yasiin recites Ali’s words, Meulman paints out ‘Word’ with a broom on the boxing ring canvas.


AMC Sets Zombies Loose on the Streets of New York

AMC Put Zombies Back - NYC Experiment

The only thing that could be more terrifying than coming face-to-face with a brain-thirsty zombie, is the possibility of missing ‘Walking Dead‘ because Dish Network recently dumped AMC from it’s cable lineup. With the premiere of Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ only a couple of short months away, AMC has launched PutZombiesBack, an online effort to get AMC back on Dish.

As a stunt to promote the ‘Put Zombies Back’ effort, AMC transformed dozens of New Yorkers into elaborate zombies and set them loose onto the streets of Manhattan. The zombie horde included a shoppers, postman, parking officer, road repair workers, and even a hot dog vendor zombie (I imagine the health department will have an issue with flesh dripping onto the food).

While some people react in terror, others seem amused. Even the New York squirrels are inquisitive, and believe me this world does not need to have zombie squirrels on the loose. If this is any indication of how New Yorkers will act when the real zombie apocalypse happens, the walking dead will eat very well in the big Apple.

The closing scene with one lonely zombie dragging a Dish network satellite dish along the sidewalk says it all. “Zombies don’t belong here. Put them back on TV.”

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Gordon Ramsey’s New Show Promoted with ‘Maid From Hell’ Gross-Out

Maid from Hell

Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the hotels and motels? Gordon Ramsey does, and with ‘Hotel Hell‘ debuting on August 13th, the celebrity chef is bringing his no-nonsense style and team of hospitality experts to rehab some of the most appalling hotels and B&Bs in America. You may never want to leave home again after watching.

How bad could things get? Ramsey told reporters at Fox’s Television Critics Association fall TV previews Monday, “if [hotels] suggest they will upgrade you to the honeymoon suite, don’t take it. I’m trying to be serious because it is somewhat shocking. I just didn’t think it could shoot that far.”

Yes, apparently things get that bad.

To promote Hotel Hell, production company Ralph & Co. have launched the ‘Maid From Hell‘ website. The site connects to your Facebook account to personalize the experience with your name, profile picture and a few images from your photo albums.

While you’re out of your room enjoying the day the Maid from Hell is in your room doing things that nightmares are made of. She’s left a little present on your towel and another one on your toothbrush. She’s checked out your Facebook account and the mini bar, she’s left you one last little present before moving onto the room of the next lucky guest.

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Window Washer Invites High Rise Workaholics to Ultimat Vodka Party

Ultimat Vodka Window Washer

Back in the 1960s, the idea for the unofficial ‘Summer Friday’ holiday was hatched as New York ad agencies realized that during summer, productivity tended to drop to zero on Fridays. Although after watching five seasons of Mad Men, productivity seems pretty suspect all week long. I can’t imagine Roger Sterling anywhere near the office by the time Friday afternoon rolled around.

In an attempt to re-introduce the concept of ‘Summer Fridays’ to today’s dedicated white collar workaholics, ad agency Amalgamated dressed a window washer in a suit and had him personally workers at the 1 State Street Building out for drinks on behalf of their client Ultimat Vodka. The stylishly-dressed window washer held up a series of signs that read “Do You Ever Leave The Office?”, “Come Have A Drink (On Us)”, “Stop Working. Start Drinking”, and “Have You Heard About Fresh Air? It’s Amazing!” advising these overworked souls on less work and more play.

For the high-rise employees who managed to tear themselves away from their meetings and spreadsheets, cool drinks were waiting for them a few blocks away at the Beekman Beach Club on Pier 17.

Since being released last Thursday the video has chalked up over a million views on YouTube.


Escape the Office Thanks to Applebee’s Inflatable Lunch Decoys

Applebee's Inflatable Lunch Decoy

We’ve all been there at one time or another.

It’s noon, your stomach is ready to chow down on itself, but there’s another proposal to get out, another sales call to make. What do you do?

Applebee’s just may have the answer to your lunchtime prayers. Utilizing state of the art balloon face technology, Applebee’s Lunch Decoys can replicate your every move in the office. That works great if your working style consists of staring blankly off into the distance while air slowly escapes your body.

The best thing about Lunch Decoys (besides the state of the art balloon face technology) is… that they’re real. You can actually order your own Lunch Decoy from Amazon for USD $6.99 plus shipping.

The Lunch Decoy campaign was created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky.


Oxy Australia Curates YouTube Zit Popping Videos for Gross-out Promotion

Oxy Australia Zit Popping

Oxy Australia has launched a stomach churning viral video campaign featuring a sampling of YouTube videos showing young men squeezing (or with the help of a close friend) their untreated pimples. So, be forewarned if you decide to press play on the video that I’ve embedded below.

Adam Ferrier, partner at Naked Communications said the video would “tickle the target market’s interest”.

“The idea came from the simple insight that guys like watching videos of guys squeezing big pimples. It speaks to our target much more authentically than the glossy, cheesy work of Oxy’s big spending competitors. We believe this work will result in mass trial of the brand, and change consumer behaviour towards Oxy,” said Ferrier.

The video points to a web site where visitors can request a free sample.

Many experts advise people against popping their pimples due to the risk of creating a scar or infection when you break through the skin. If you do feel the need to ‘pop’, then this set of instructions may help you out. Don’t forget your camera.

The campaign was created by Naked Communications Australia.

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Lexus GS Hybrid Test Ride Sets Passengers Hearts Racing

Lexus Hybrid 120 BPM

The typical way that car companies have promoted their Hybrid cars is to stress their eco-friendliness.

Recently Lexus Italy challenged that way of thinking by inviting a group of potential customers out for a ride-a-long with a race car driver. The customers were even wired-up with heart monitors to see if they could keep their heart rate under 120 bpm while getting the ride of the lives. They couldn’t.

After viewing the video and seeing heart rates approaching and passing 190 bpm, I realized I had no idea how to calculate by maximum heart rate.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Health the method to calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR) is to subtract your age from 220 for men and 226 for women. For exercise multiply your MHR by 0.55 to get the lower exercise range and by 0.7 for the high range.

The experience was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Milan.


Carnival Cruise Lines Fights Boring Sites with the Yawn Bomb

Carnival Cruises unleashes the Yawn Bomb

This could easily be the most tortuous blog post I’ve ever tried to write. From the moment I read this story I’ve been yawning, and since the act of yawning has been proven to be extremely contagious, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re yawning now too.

Carnival Cruise Lines is fighting the good fight against boring websites by having users share links that contain a hidden Yawn Bomb (I just yawned again). Just enter the ‘boring’ URL, choose one of the animated gifs, and the application creates a shortened link to share with your friends, enemies, frenemies or even your mom. Soon everyone will be yawning

The Yawn Bomb site was created by Arnold Worldwide.

Bastards! (yawwwwwwwwwwn)

MINI Horn Section Pays Tribute to British Olympic Team

MINI Horn Section

The 2012 London Olympics are still a few weeks ago, and preparations all over the city are in high gear. After creating recordings all 205 National Anthems for the Games, nine members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Gareth Newman came together to create a tribute to the British Olympic team by beeping their way through ‘God Save the Queen’.

The video was created by London agency WCRS.

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