Use Your Mobile Phone to Take Action for Victims of Domestic Abuse

National Centre for Domestic ViolenceA series of interactive digital billboards at London’s Euston Railway Station is raising awareness about how a person can help put a stop to domestic violence.

The billboard for the National Centre for Domestic Violence shows an angry man verbally abusing and acting in a threatening manner towards a frightened woman. After a few seconds a message appears urging viewers to ‘Use Your Phone to Stop This Now – Drag Him Away at At the mobile site, the viewer can swipe their finger on the screen to pull the man away from the woman. The action is repeated at the train station as the man is pulled away across five adjacent digital screens revealing the message ‘An Injunction Will Put Distance Between a Victim and Their Abuser’.

The ‘Drag Him Away’ campaign was created by JWT London, and was produced by Grand Visual.


South Korea’s Emart Uses Shadow QR Codes to Boost Lunchtime Sales

Emart Sunny Sales Shadow QR CodeThe much maligned QR code gets a boost of creativity thanks to an initiative by South Korea chain store Emart.

The stores were suffering low sales over the lunchtime hour. To solve this issue they created a three dimensional display that revealed a shadow-based QR code only during the hour of 12 to 1pm when the sun hit at just the right angle. When scanned the users were directed to the eMart ‘Sunny Sales’ mobile site where they could take advantage of special offers including a $12 off coupon, redeemable in-store or on the mobile site. The site orders would be delivered the next day to the buyer’s home.

The campaign proved to so successful that the program was expanded from 13 to 36 locations. 12,000 coupons were issued, there was a 58% increase in eMart membership, and most importantly a 25% increase in sales of eMart mall during lunch hours.

The agency behind Emart’s ‘Sunny Sales’ shadow QR-code is Cheil Worldwide, who last year had produced the Tesco subway virtual store.

South Korea

The Macallan Whisky Launches Instagram Photo Contest

The Macallan Instagram ContestThe Macallan, a premium Scotch whisky distiller has launched a photo competition using the popular online photo sharing site Instagram.

Entrants are asked to take a photo of themselves with The Macallan, or one that represents their love for the whisky brand, the upload it to Instagram account using the hashtag #meandthemacallan. The top five pics will win a special prize from the distiller as well as being featured on The Macallan’s Twitter and Facebook pages. You can review the entries here.

Instagram is available as a free download in the iPhone Apps store. An Android version is rumoured to be released soon.

Lufthansa’s Anywake App Gives Sleepy Swedes a Winter Wake-Up Call

Lufthansa Anywake AppIf there’s one thing those of us who live in northern countries can relate to it’s the struggle of waking up in the darkness of winter morning. I’m an admitted snooze button abuser, especially in the winter. Lufthansa released the Anywake app to make the dark mornings a bit brighter for sleepy Swedes by waking them up to the sounds of another city.

Anywake works like a normal smartphone alarm clock app; you set your waking time before you go to sleep and in the morning you’re woken up to the sounds of a randomly selected city.

If you can figure out which city it is within 60 seconds, you’ll win a discount on a Lufthansa flight to that destination. If you can’t solve the challenge, you’ll have to wait until the next day. But at least you’ll be wide awake and mildly frustrated, which is a great way to start the day.

Anywake was developed by DDB STockholm and is available free in the iPhone App Store and Android Market.

Crash Corsage App Brings Wedding Crashing Into the Modern Age

Crash Corsage Mobile AppIn the 2005 hit movie ‘Wedding Crashers‘, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters spend their weekends skillfully sneaking their way into the nuptials of unsuspecting couples. Once in they became the life of the party, helping themselves to food, drink and the odd bridesmaid.

Now the art of wedding crashing may have entered the modern age thanks to ‘Crash Corsage‘, a mobile app that claims to collect data from the open directories of wedding website directories like TheKnot, eWedding or, then filter the list of nearby weddings. Users can score points for leading a conga line, catching the bouquet, dancing with the bride and more.

Call me overly suspicious, but I’ll believe this app is real when I see it approved and available for download in the iTunes store. It all seems like a stunt for something yet to revealed; an elaborate wedding invitation, maybe a promotion for a wedding planner, new website or a reception location.

The Crash Corsage project is the brainchild of R/GA Associate Creative Director Eric Schlakman.

Lacta Chocolate Uses Augmented Reality to Spread Messages of Love

Lacta Chocolate AR appThe late 2010 change in the packaging of Lacta Chocolate from it’s iconic red and white paper to a new plastic wrapper brought with it an unexpected controversy. The paper wrapper had become well known as a medium for lovers to exchange romantic notes, and the brand had used this feature in its TV advertising for years.

OglivyOne Athens has come up with a mobile app featuring augmented reality to help Lacta retain it’s status as a the chocolate of romance for Greeks.

The app allows Lacta chocolate fans to write a message to a Facebook friend. The friend receives an alert that a hidden message is waiting for them with instructions to download the Lacta app to view the message. The viewer can see the message by purchasing a Lacta bar and holding it in front of the camera of their smartphone.

The app is available in the iPhone and Android Marketplace.

Krispy Kreme’s ‘Hot Light’ app Tracks Fresh Supply for Donut Fans

Krispy Kreme Hot Light Mobile AppBefore 2001, Krispy Kreme donuts were a much sought after contraband in this area. We would seek out the glowing ‘Hot Now’ lights at locations in the Buffalo area before arriving back home with a fresh supply of the soft, warm sugar-glazed treasures for ourselves and closest friends. Eventually Krispy Kreme would open several locations in Canada before dwindling to just the 4 that are left in Ontario and Quebec.

Now with the ‘Hot Light’ mobile users can receive alerts when a nearby Krispy Kreme location has the a fresh supply of donuts. After learning that nearly 30 per cent of its web site and social media traffic was coming in by smartphones they worked with their ad agency Barkley to create the app. Users can search for nearby active Hot Lights or choose when and how often they’d like to get alert notifications.

According to Mark Logan, VP of Digital Innovation at Barkley, “If you’re a fan of Krispy Kreme, you know how powerful that Hot Light is. It’s such a strong brand icon. We wanted to find a way to extend its reach.”

The app can be downloaded in the iPhone app store or the Android Marketplace.

Note: the app only works with participating U.S. locations.

eBay Taps QR Codes for Interactive ‘Give-a-Toy’ Christmas Store Windows

eBay Give a Toy StoreA few weeks ago eBay introduced their a new mobile app with ‘The Inspiration Shop’, an interactive window shopping experience curated by artist and interior designer Jonathan Adler. Passersby could scan the QR codes associated with each of the displayed items to be directed to the eBay mobile listing where the items could be purchased.

The same mobile app is being used by eBay to power the ‘Give-A-Toy‘ Holiday campaign for Toys for Tots. Interactive store windows in New York and San Francisco feature a lively environment of animated toy trains, teddy bears, robots and more. Visitors can interact with the display, changing it from dark to night or making it snow and ultimately make their donation by scanning the QR codes displayed on the screen.

For the people not in New York or San Francisco who would like to donate, they can visit to make their donation.

EBay’s Facebook fans can personalize one of the toys from the interactive window and share with their friends. For every completed toy, eBay will donate $1 to Toys for Tots (up to $50,000) and a chance to enter a sweepstakes to win a $1000 shopping spree on eBay.

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Moosejaw X-Ray Vision App Gives You Sneak Peek Underneath Catalog Models’ Clothing

Moosejaw Winter Catalog - X-Ray AppUS outdoor clothing retailer Moosejaw is giving it’s Winter catalog readers a much more revealing look at it’s models. They’ve released the X-Ray Vision app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices allowing readers to see what interesting items their catalog models are wearing underneath their heavy winter jackets and pants.

If you don’t have a print version of the Moosejaw catalog you’re still in luck, the app is also designed to work with digital versions of the catalog available at or the Moosejaw Catalogs App for the iPad. The app can also be used on signage at one of Moosejaw’s retail stores.

Now, I hope someone out there has a good explanation as to why that dude on Page 40 has an octopus underneath his clothes in what appears to be saran wrap.

Macy’s ‘Believe-O-Magic’ AR App Brings ‘Yes, Virginia’ Characters to Life

Macy's Believe O' Magic Augmented Reality AppWith the holiday shopping season lurking just around the corner, Macy’s has released the ‘Believe-o-Magic’ mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The app uses augmented reality marker technology at special ‘Believe Stations’ within Macy’s stores nationwide to bring the characters from the animated movie ‘Yes, Virginia‘ to life. The app can then be used to capture a picture of the character and your child to create a customized holiday card that can be sent to family and friends directly from the app.

For those not able to visit a Macy’s store, a marker can be printed from the ‘Million Reasons to Believe’ website that provides a sneak preview of the in-store augmented reality experience.

The ‘Believe-O-Magic’ app can be downloaded free for the iPhone or iPad at the iTunes app store or at the Android Market.

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