The Heinz Flavour Experience Includes Spoon That Plays Music in Your Mouth

Heinz Beans Flavour Experience

Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. You could probably rattle off the rest of that schoolyard rhyme off by heart.

With music in mind, Heinz in collaboration with food architects Bompas & Parr (they create jelly sculptures) have launched the Heinz Flavour Experience. The experience, complete with handcrafted bowls and a musical spoon. has been designed to tap into all five senses of UK bean lovers, by combining sound, taste, touch, sight and smell to create a sensory experience influenced by the five varieties of Heinz Flavoured Beanz.

The musical spoon included with each package, is an MP3 player that can only be heard once it’s placed in your mouth and gently bit down on. The sound then travels through your jawbone to your hopefully hungry ears. Each flavour comes with a matching style of music, including the sounds of Punjabi Bhangra play to match Heinz Beanz Curry Flavour. Yes, there’s a Bollywood party happening in your mouth. Others experiences such as Fiery Chilli are accompanied by up-tempo Latin samba, and Barbecue Flavour features the sounds of the blues.

A limited number of the five Heinz Beanz Flavour Experiences are available exclusively at London retailer, Fortnum & Mason. In 1886, the store was the first to stock Heinz Beanz.

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Carlsberg Launches Somersby Cider in UK with Apple Store Parody Ad

Somersby Cider Store

An ad announcing the UK launch of Carlsberg-owned Somersby Cider parodies the craziness that occurs around a typical Apple tech product launch.

A line-up of fans are unleashed into ‘The Somersby Store’ where they interact with cider-geniuses, who assist users with such challenges as how to ‘interface’ with the cider, and how to make the product work with normal docking systems. It even works between two people, “One click. Boom, you’re connected” explains one of the store staff to a bewildered couple.

‘The Somersby Store’ was created by London agency Fold7, and directed by Mat Kirkby for RSA Films.


Smirnoff Shows Support for Same-Sex Marriage With Perfect Pairings

Smirnoff - Every Pairing is Perfect

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to begin hearings into two laws critical to the rights of same-sex couples to marry, vodka brand Smirnoff made it clear where they stand with a Facebook status update showing their support for the cause.

The image titled “Every Pairing is Perfect” shows three cocktail couplings of what I am guessing are Cosmopolitans (vodka, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice), all of which I agree are perfect.



Toronto Sandwich Shop Creates Bacon Deal for ‘Pig-Shaped’ Runs

Rashers - Sweat Like a PigBacon-lovers in Toronto will be lacing up their runners and jumping on their bikes to earn themselves a 30% discount from Rashers, a bacon-only sandwich shop.

The restaurant’s new promotion ‘Run the Pig’ is out to reach runners and cyclists when they are at their hungriest – right after exercising. To earn their bacon, people are asked to use a mobile-app (such as Nike+ Running) to track their run or ride around a pig-shaped course of their own creation, ending at Rashers restaurant at 948 Queen Street East.

The restaurant is also using their Twitter profile @rashers to tempt bacon-starved Toronto-area runners who have shared their completed Nike+ Running status.

The campaign was created by the bacon-loving folks at OgilvyOne in Toronto.

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Stunt Performers Tumble Down Mountain in Australian Ad for Schweppes

Schweppes Australia 'Tumble'

In a new Australian ad for Schweppes, a man somersaults, or as my mother used to say, “falls ass over tea kettles” down a snowy mountainside to the classical strains of Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore’.

As the man continues his fall through a grassy hillside and lush forest he’s joined by more tumbling people, before their gravity-fed experience comes to a splashing end in a pristine pool of bubbly water. The ad was shot in various locations on the north and south islands of New Zealand.

The spectacular ad, appropriately titled ‘Tumble’, was created by the Melbourne office of George Patterson Y&R, and directed by Steve Rogers for Revolver.

To create the spectacular tumbling performances, the stunt people used a combination of freestyle actions, air ramps and huge towers with complex rigging set ups that were removed in post-production.

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Land O’Lakes Supports Feeding America with “Pin a Meal. Give a Meal.”

Land O'Lakes - Pin a Meal, Give a MealMinnesota-based dairy co-operative Land O’Lakes, is working with hunger-relief charity Feeding America through “Pin a Meal, Give a Meal“, a promotion encouraging people to share recipes on Pinterest.

Feeding America helps provide food to more than 37 million Americans each year, and for every recipe pinned between March 4th and May 1, Land O’Lakes Foundation will donate $1 to the charity, up to a total of $250,000.

The Pinterest board created by Minneapolis agency Colle+McVoy, is best viewed at 5 columns, where it can be read as a complete narrative.

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Beer-brand Sol Tempts London Business Blokes with Necktie Recycling Bin

Sol Beer - Necktie Recycling Bin

In this stunt for Sol beer, London businessmen passing through Canary Wharf underground station do a double-take as they pass by a recycling bin labelled ‘Ties’. The bin featured the message, “Lose the Tie, gain some Espiritu Libre”. After depositing their tie in the bin, the sound of hammering and sawing could be heard from inside, before what was left of their tie appeared attached to a coupon for a free beer.

In The Drum article Graham Wall, executive creative director at The Marketing Store, stated: “The tie can be a symbol of power and success, but it can also be seen as a shackle, part of the daily grind. We wanted to give office workers back a sense of their true selves – to make bold choices and be rewarded for it. The Espiritu Libre activity brings out that free spirited sense of liberation that every bogged-down city worker has in his heart.”

The campaign was created by the London offices of The Marketing Store.

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Calgary Agency Uses Snowbank to Advertise Local Farmer’s Market

Calgary Farmer's Market - Open all Winter

The Calgary Farmer’s Market may be open all year round, but with bitter cold in the air and the ground frozen and covered with snow, the last thing on a person’s mind may be heading out for an afternoon at the local farmer’s market.

To help remind the folks around Calgary about the Market’s winter hours, ad agency WAX took advantage roadside snowbanks as an unexpected advertising platform. The agency planted a row of carrots in the snow, complete with a small sign saying “Open All Winter”.


Tipsy Drivers in India Come Face to Face With The Hindu God of Death

Zara Tapas Chennai Police - Yamaraj - Drink and Get Driven

70% of road fatalities in India are the result of drunken driving. To help raise awareness of this serious issue the Bangalore offices of McCann Worldgroup collaborated with the Chennai Traffic Police and Zara, a popular bar in Chennai.

As patrons received their cars from the valet, they were shocked to find an actor dressed like Yama, the God of Death from Hindu mythology waiting for them inside. Once the driver recovered from the sock they were handed a card with the message, “Your Time Has Not Yet Come”, and a phone number to call a driver-for-hire service to get home safer.

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Stouffer’s Delivers Mac ‘n’ Cheese to Chilly New Yorkers in #LocalWarming Campaign

Stouffer's Mac 'n' Cheese Truck

Earlier this fall there were predictions that this winter would be colder than average, and with the exception of a few mild days I’d have to agree with that prediction. It’s now mid-February, and while the days are getting a bit longer each day, spring still seems a long way away.

Nothing beats the cold like warm comfort food, and since January 28 the Stouffer’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese Truck has been making the rounds in Manhattan with Master of Spice Lior Lev Sercarz and Southern “Grill Girl” Elizabeth Karmel and six other famed New York chefs serving locals Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese for $4 per bowl.

100% of profits from the truck went to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City in support of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

The campaign, which raised a total of $35,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief over 3 weeks, wrapped up on Valentine’s Day with the Stouffer’s delivering free mac ‘n’ cheese meals to chilly Manhattanites who tweeted the hashtag #localwarming.

photo from Facebook

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