Grey Poupon Keeps it Classy in Support of Gay Community

Grey Poupon - Spread Great |Taste

Earlier this year Crispin Porter + Bogusky delivered a mayhem-filled update of the classic Grey Poupon commercial. Leveraging that same ad creative, the agency has posted a simple, classy statement to Facebook in support of the LGBT community on behalf of the mustard brand.

Above the image of the two gentlemen characters holding hands is copy that reads, “Spread Good Taste”. The Facebook post goes on to mention, “June is National Pride month. Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year – because Pride and good taste never go out of season.”

To no one’s surprise, the nearly 1900 comments below the ad is peppered with the usual statements of hate and intolerance, but the vast majority are in support of the brand.

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Molson Creates Beer Fridge That Can Only Be Opened With Canadian Passport

Molson Canadian - Beer Fridge Opens by Canadian Passport

Just in time for Canada Day, we have a new ad for Molson Canadian, but it has me thinking that someone’s been watching too many Coca-Cola Happiness Machine videos. However, a fridge full of cold beer has far more potential to spread happiness as far a I am concerned.

The ad created by Rethink, features a beer fridge created by London(UK)-based effects company Artem. The bright red fridge was left at random spots in France, Belgium and the UK, and could only be opened by scanning a Canadian passport.

Thankfully for the thirsty locals, a Canadian tourist is quickly located nearby. Their passport scanned and cold bottles of Molson Canadian is distributed for all to enjoy.

Building The Beer Fridge

[via Globe & Mail]


Doritos UK Ad Features Mariachi Version of “I Love Rock & Roll”

Mariachi Doritos - I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Last summer Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and Doritos hired a Mariachi band for an ad campaign and brought them to parties all around the UK to perform mariachi band versions of 80s classics like Rio, Need You Tonight and Don’t You Want Me.

This summer Doritos have brought the band back with a new edgier image and a mariachi version of the “I Love Rock & Roll”, originally a hit in 1975 by The Arrows and further popularized by Joan Jett & the Black Hearts in 1981.

The London-based group, which is actually named Mariachi Mexteca, performs a wide repertoire of Traditional Mariachi music to English pop songs.

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Luna Corona Billboard Captures the Crescent Moon as a Slice of Lime

Luna Corona - Crescent Moon Billboard

It appears I’m the only person who ever thought about holding my bottle of Corona up to the moon.

Working with a team of astronomers, ad agency Cramer-Krasselt has created the “Luna Corona’, a billboard located on 15th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan, positioned to capture the crescent moon in the mouth of a bottle of Corona. The experience should be viewable from approximately 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET, assuming clear skies over NYC.

Luna Corona seems like a great idea for a mobile augmented reality campaign. Have Corona fans around the world capture the crescent moon using their smartphone camera, upload it with a #LunaCorona hashtag. Use each image’s GPS coordinates to designate each person’s personal beach (to bring in the campaign messaging). My apologies if this has already done, but there are certainly plenty of worse ideas out there.

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JELL-O Leverages #FML Tweets For “Fun My Life” Pudding Giveaway

JELL-O #FMLThere can be no denying that life can be tough sometimes. So, when the going gets tough, it’s time to jump onto Twitter and let everyone know just how tough things are. But don’t forget to include the #FML hashtag.

For those social media neophytes, the acronym FML stands for “Fuck my Life”, and at current count there has been nearly 60,000 #FML tweets in just the past nine days.

But, ad agency CP+B is helping JELL-O to reach out and turn those #FML frowns upside down. They’re reaching out on Twitter to “Fun My Life”, giving away coffee, free music, movies, whoopie cushions and of course, a generous helping of packs of Jell-o pudding. Check out the tweets and responses at

Last summer CP+B and JELL-O, monitored Twitter for tweets using the happy and sad face emoticons. When the number of sad faces overtook the happy faces they gave away free pudding to help improve the nation’s mood.


Talisker Whisky Storms London With Harsh Weather Installation

Talisker Whisky Interactive Storm

Coming from the east coast of Canada I grew up with unpredictable weather. I’m sure most people who grow up near the ocean are familiar with the expression, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” The Isle of Skye, located on the northwest coast of Scotland is certainly one of those environments whose weather is at the influence and whim of the sea.

The only distiller to call the Isle of Sky home is Talisker. At the beginning of this year the distillery introduced a bold new whisky dubbed Talisker Storm. To celebrate it’s launch the brand along with Vivid Design Works created a 25 foot tall interactive storm installation, bringing dark clouds, high wind and driving rain to the area outside the Design Museum in London.

People passing by were handed a raincoat and umbrella, and for those who managed to brave the weather a well-deserved glass of Talisker Storm was waiting.

[via Branding Magazine]


Weetabix UK Uses “Pay-by-Picture” to Distribute Free Samples of Breakfast Snack

Weetabix 'Pay by Picture'

In recent years brands have been experimenting with ways to connect TV content with mobile devices, including apps such as Shazam that deliver coupons based on matching audio ‘fingerprints’, or any number of desperate attempts to have viewers jump up off the couch to capture QR codes on their screen.

Weetabix has removed the app from the equation and is offering a free sample of their “On The Go” breakfast biscuits for anyone who captures a picture of a TV ad with their smartphone or tablet. The #TAKETHEBISCUIT ad, which appeared during a commercial break of ITV soap Emmerdale process is dubbed “Pay-by-Picture”, requires the viewer to bring their picture into a participating Boots store to receive their free sample.

“It is undoubtedly a brave move to replace financial currency with social currency, but we’re hoping that the 55% of people that currently use their smartphone whilst watching TV will take part in the unique retail initiative, try our new breakfast biscuit and become long-term customers,” said Weetabix brand manager Ben Cooper.

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Warburtons Creates Limited Edition “All-Ends” Loaf for Facebook Fans

Warburtons - All-Ends

Some people may call it the noggin’ or the heel, while it seems most refer to the front and back slices of a loaf of bread simply as the “ends”.

When UK baking firm Warburtons posted an image of a new bread product called “All-Ends” on April Fools Day, most people got the joke. However, within the hundreds of Comments were several from people hoping that the product was real.

Due to the response, Warburtons decided to turn the joke into reality and a create a limited number of the “All Ends” for their most enthusiastic Facebook fans.

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Ballantine’s Celebrates Its 12-year-old Scotch With Creation of Custom Typeface

Ballantine's Whisky TypefaceWhisky-maker Ballantine’s has collaborated with Work Club and Scottish Illustrator Steven Bonner to create a custom typeface inspired by tasting notes in it’s 12-year-old Scotch.

Bonner created illustrated letterforms for B (berries), C (cream), V (vanilla) and H (honey), which are the most noticeable tasting notes of the whisky.

Ballantine’s fans can visit the whisky-maker’s website to create a custom Facebook cover image using the typeface.

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Thirsty for Frozen Cherry-Lime Sauza-Rita? Why Not Make it With a Lifeguard

Sauza - Make it With a Lifeguard

Firemen and lifeguards may not be getting much respect at AXE these days (where astronauts rule), but Sauza Tequila still has work for these shirt-challenged hunks.

Last April, Sauza and ad agency Havas recruited a fireman (and a kitten in a beret) to demonstrate how to create a Sauza-Rita, while still fanning the flames of women everywhere. This time the tequila brand has gone seaside with a lifeguard (and a puppy), and he’s cooling things down with instructions on how to blend-up a Frozen Cherry-Lime Sauza-Rita.

– 3 cups of ice
– can of lime-ade
– cherry soda
– light beer
– Sauza

The ad isn’t without controversy, and it has everything to do with Anderson Davis, the actor portraying the shirtless lifeguard is also featured sans shirt in a very similar feeling ad for Kraft Zesty Dressing released only days before the Sauza ad was posted.

It turns out that the commercials were both shot within days of each other back in February, with Davis apparently making no mention of the campaign similarities to either agency. However, both ads appear to be heavily influenced by the 2010 Old Spice ads with Isaiah Mustafa.

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