Guinness Gives ‘Rounding Up Your Mates’ a Whole New Meaning

The Guinness Saint Patrick's Day Sheepdog TrialsCheck your calendars and get out your green gear, it’s only a week and a bit away from Saint Patrick’s Day. To promote good friends, good beer and good times Guinness has launched a hilarious (I literally LOL’d) new ad campaign featuring a unique sheep dog competition.

In the video sheep dog trial champion Gareth Longrass skillfully guides his border collie Roy (a 3-time winner) around the challenging trial course. However, in this event Gareth and Roy are not herding sheep, it’s a group of 7 thirsty but easily distracted lads that they must keep focused and under control.

They must get the lads past the living room couch and a night-in watching the big game; past the Indian restaurant (without losing the big lad); away from the dancing girls, through the gate and straight into the pub.

The ‘Round up your mates for a GUINNESS’ campaign was created by AMV BBDO in London.

Cadbury Celebrates a Million Facebook Fans with 3 Tonne Chocolate Thumbs Up

Cadbury A Million ThanksBrands may not know what to do with their Facebook fans once they get them, but they are coming up with more interesting ways of celebrating the milestone.

To celebrate the one million ‘Like’ mark, Cadbury live streamed the construction of a gigantic 3 tonne (or 6,600 pounds)’thumbs up’ statue from thousands of blocks of their signature Dairy Milk bars. The intricate ‘Thanks a Million’ thumbs-up construction was completed by a team of eager purple-clad Oompa Loompas.

To complete the construction Cadbury invited Denise, a superfan to place the final square on top. After the party the chocolate was donated to a company specializing in the research of alternate fuels. I’m wondering in the chocolate will be used to create that fuel or a special treat for the hungry researchers.

The ‘Thanks a Million’ campaign was created by London agency Hypernaked.

Samuel Adams Uses Facebook to Crowd-Craft New Beer for SXSW

Samuel Adams “Crowd Craft Project” appSamuel Adams fans can have their say on the creation of a new beer by using the ‘Crowd Craft Project’ app hosted on the Samuel Adams Facebook page.

Fans can use the app to select the color, clarity, body, malt, hops and yeast for the crowd sourced brew, as well as learn more about the brewing process. The folks at Samuel Adams will begin the brewing process once the voting ends on February . 5th.

The beer will make it’s debut at Guy Kawaski’s Girl + Guy party on march 10 at the SXSW Interactive Festival, as well as select bars in Austin and Boston.

South African Fast-Food Chain Seeds Campaign With Braille Burgers

Wimpy Braille BurgersSouth African burger chain Wimpy wanted to create awareness and word-of-mouth around the introduction of a new braille version of their menu.

Wimpy’s chefs created special ‘Braille Burgers’ by carefully placing sesame seeds one-at-a-time on the uncooked buns creating a message describing the burger such as, “100 per cent pure beef burger made for you.”

15 of the special burgers were created and then delivered to blind people at Blind SA, Braille Services, and Louis Braille House; three of South Africa’s leading institutions for visually-challenged people. The word then spread through their braille newsletters, publications and newsreaders.

The campaign was created by Johannesburg ad agency Metropolitan Republic.

Coca-Cola Plays Santa to Bogota Cabbies on Christmas Eve

Coca-Cola Plays Santa to Bogota Cabbies on Christmas EveI’ve never had to do it, but I can imagine that working Christmas Eve has to be high on the list of things that suck. However, for a few lucky cab drivers in Bogota a long evening of ferrying passengers around the city took a turn for the better.

Coca-Cola Colombia had the cabbies pickup and deliver Santa Claus to a very special destination; to their own homes. There they were met by their excited families (and a few Coca-Cola elves) for a special Christmas Eve party.

While the cab drivers got to spend the rest of Christmas Eve with their families, Santa took over their cab for the rest of their shift.

Krispy Kreme’s ‘Hot Light’ app Tracks Fresh Supply for Donut Fans

Krispy Kreme Hot Light Mobile AppBefore 2001, Krispy Kreme donuts were a much sought after contraband in this area. We would seek out the glowing ‘Hot Now’ lights at locations in the Buffalo area before arriving back home with a fresh supply of the soft, warm sugar-glazed treasures for ourselves and closest friends. Eventually Krispy Kreme would open several locations in Canada before dwindling to just the 4 that are left in Ontario and Quebec.

Now with the ‘Hot Light’ mobile users can receive alerts when a nearby Krispy Kreme location has the a fresh supply of donuts. After learning that nearly 30 per cent of its web site and social media traffic was coming in by smartphones they worked with their ad agency Barkley to create the app. Users can search for nearby active Hot Lights or choose when and how often they’d like to get alert notifications.

According to Mark Logan, VP of Digital Innovation at Barkley, “If you’re a fan of Krispy Kreme, you know how powerful that Hot Light is. It’s such a strong brand icon. We wanted to find a way to extend its reach.”

The app can be downloaded in the iPhone app store or the Android Marketplace.

Note: the app only works with participating U.S. locations.

Skittles Invites Visitors to ‘Gif Rap the Rainbow’ for the Holidays

Skittle Gif Rap the RainbowWith Christmas quickly creeping up on us, Skittles is here to add it’s usual weird and colourful spin on holiday greetings.

The Skittles ‘Gif Rap the Rainbow‘ website lets visitors create a holiday greeting for their family and friends by combining animated GIFs with a backing track. Back tracks with whimsically titles such as ‘Make it Reindeer’, ‘Holly Atcha Boy’, ‘I Saw Mommy Dissin’ Santa Claus’, and ‘Yo Yo Yo’.

The Skittles campaign comes from the creative folks at BBDO Canada with design and development help from Scott Hiers, Pixelpusher, Fatbox, Apollo, Lunch and Family Style.

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Natural Light Claims the Title of First Beer In Space

Natural Light becomes first beer in spaceIt’s hard to believe that not one of Canada’s 12 astronauts figured out a way to use space shuttle’s Canada Arm to pop open a cool can of beer in space. Instead it appears that the title of ‘first beer in space’ goes to Danny and Rich who sent a can of Natural Light into the ‘Nattrosphere’ above rural Missouri.

It’s certainly not the first time that someone has sent an object with a camcorder into space attached to a weather balloon. Danny and Rich, inspired by YouTube videos of these projects, and a few cans of ‘Natty Light’ decided that they would be the ones to step up and send the first can of beer into space. They approached the brand with the idea; got the thumbs up, then the planning and preparation began at Mission Control in Danny’s parents’ garage.

On May 27th, with clearance and approval from the FAA, the two launched their spacecraft (dubbed the Aluminum Fullcan by one of Natural Light’s Facebook fans). The craft consisted of a styrofoam cooler containing a full can of beer, GPS tracking device, handwarmers (it’s cold in space) and a HD video camera pointed at an externally-mounted ’empty’ can of Natural Light.

The spacecraft took nearly 2 hours and ascended to a height of over 90,000 feet before the weather balloon finally popped. It then fell back to earth landing 60 miles from the launch site where Danny and Rich located it using the on-board GPS. The full can of beer escaped unharmed, and Natural Light is looking for suggestions about what to do with it.

via Brand Channel

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Red Stripe Hires Designers to Create Incredible Sound Sculpture Using 5000 Beer Cans

Red Stripe Sound SculptureRed Stripe Lager UK commissioned sound artist Yuri Suzuki and designer Mathew Kneebone to create a sound sculpture as the first project in the ‘Make Something From Nothing’ campaign. The 2.5 metre tall sound sculpture is constructed from thousands of Red Stripe cans that were partly collected at the Notting Hill Festival back in August. The video above shows the sound sculpture being demonstrated by DJ Al Fingers, singer/songwriter Gappy Ranks.

Yuri’s sound sculpture is inspired by the DIY spirit of the Jamaican DJs of Red Stripe’s homeland, who first created portable sound systems (a generator, turntables and massive speakers) in the late 1950s. They would load the systems onto trucks and drove to street parties. These DJs began playing American R&B records, but soon began producing their own recordings of local Jamaican music which eventually evolved into ska, reggae and dub, making them an essential part of music history.

The Red Stripe sound sculpture was unveiled at the ‘Make Something From Nothing’ launch event in London’s Village Underground on November 16.

Which of Your Facebook Friends Holds the Clue to a Missing Barrel of Jameson?

Jameson Missing Barrel Facebook GameJameson has launched an interactive game that challenges you to figure out which one of your Facebook friends knows something about a missing barrel of whiskey. To gather the clues you must search the streets of 1780 Dublin and talk to everyone from the harpist to the Librarian to the chimney sweep.

I’ve clicked through plenty of these high-concept interactive experiences over the years, and they rarely live up to their descriptions. However, the Jameson 1780 game is quite good. The writing is snappy and full of humour, the characters are well-acted and the challenges are quick and fun (however you may want to spend some extra time chatting with the Servant Girl).

The wise-cracking Bar Keeper at the Brazen Head Pub is especially well done. You must defeat him in a game of darts (which is easier said than done) in order for him to provide you with his clue. At one point during our dart game he called me ‘a devilish little maggot, which I’m assume might be a term if endearment between Dubliners in 1780, or maybe not.

Once you’ve collected all the clues it’s back to the distillery to figure out which of your Facebook friends know about the missing barrel. Still don’t know? You can always can always consult the Fortune Tellers in Phoenix Park to narrow down the choices.

The Jameson 1780 experience was developed by the Evolution Bureau, who also created the GE Facebook Air Show I wrote about back in September.

via PSFK

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