Samuel L. Jackson Tells Complacent Obama Supporters to ‘Wake the F*ck Up!’

Wake the Fuck Up - Samuel L. Jackson

I try not to wade into politics too much here on the blog, which has been fairly with the US Presidential campaign. There haven’t been many innovative, creative or humourous tactics used yet by either of the two sides. The ‘Smack a Candidate‘ created by Santa Monica agency Ignition was an exception, along with Sarah Silverman’s offer to… (ahem) ‘scissor’ Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

However, this week the Jewish Council for Education and Research (who also were behind the Sarah Silverman video) launched a video featuring Samuel L. Jackson imploring complacent Obama supporters to ‘Wake the Fuck Up!’. The video is inspired by Jackson’s audiobook reading of Adam Mansbach’s best-selling parody children’s book, “Go the F*ck to Sleep.” In fact, Mansbach was recruited to write the story featured in the video.

The video features a little girl who can remember how inspired the rest of her family was back in 2008 when they were heavily involved in supporting Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. As she visits each member of her family, Jackson appears and tells them to ‘Wake the Fuck Up’, explaining issues that they should be concerned about. There is more information available at

The campaign was created by Schlep Labs, a creative shop funded by the Jewish Council for Education and Research.

The video below is obviously NSFW, but there is a cleaned up version available on YouTube.

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Freshmen at Dutch University Create Student-Powered Street View

Wageningen University Student Streetview

During introduction week, a thousand freshmen students at Wageningen University were recruited to create a Street View-like tour to help prospective and newly enrolled students explore the Dutch school’s campus. The students were strategically placed in one line, 15 miles long across the campus, covering the outside facilities and 11 floors of 3 of the school’s buildings.

At the exact moment, the strategically placed students captured the view directly in front of them, then turned to capture the image behind them. The images were then assembled into a Facebook application resembling the familiar interface of Google’s Street View.

The project concept and strategy for the project come from Utrecht-based agency Tribewise, and was developed by Rhinofly.