Goodbye Bjorn. Change Your Name to Klaus-Heidi and Lufthansa Will Help You Start a New Life in Berlin

Lufthansa - Start a new life in Berlin as klaus-Heidi

In what may be the ultimate hipster prize package, German airline Lufthansa is looking for a Swedish citizen who is willing to change their first name to Klaus-Heidi and start a new life in Berlin.

The person (male or female) who can legally change their name first, qualifies to win an apartment for a year in the up and coming neighbourhood of Kreuzberg/Neukölln, a hand built bicycle by My Own Bike, German language lessons, free flights to Munich and Frankfurt, and according to the video clip, a new neighbour named Dieter.

The campaign was created by DDB, Stockholm. More details at

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Tour the Hot Spots of Melbourne Live with Remote Control Tourist

Melbourne - Remote Control Tourist

Melbourne is a popular destination for tourists, but travelling to the city located on the south west cost of Australia can be an expensive proposition from this part of the world.

Thanks to Remote Control Tourist, an interactive project from Tourism Victoria, you can save a few bucks and still get a live first-person view of the city’s hot spots.

For 8 hours a day from October 9 to 13, Remote Control Tourist will enable voyeuristic tourists from around the world to view live streaming video from the head-mounted cameras of the two person team. Viewers can switch between the two camera views, track the camera-wearers on Google Maps and offer suggestions to where the subjects should go next.

The project was created by ad agency Clemenger BBDO, Exit Films, and Tool director Jason Zada, famous for his 2011 viral sensation ‘Take This Lollipop‘.

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British Airways Surprises Mother With Unexpected Visit From her Son

British Airways - Visit Mum

According to 2010 US Census Data there are 1.7 million India-born people living in America. Ratnesh is one of them, leaving the city of Mumbai at the age of 17 for a new life in New York City.

In this beautifully shot clip created by Ogilvy New York to promote British Airways’ “It’s time to Visit Mum!” campaign, we meet Ratnesh and his mother. They’ve stayed in touch, but she hasn’t seen her son in person in the 15 years since he home.

The agency has asked her to prepare her son’s favorite meal, and they will deliver it to him via British Airways. What his mother doesn’t know is that the airline has arranged for Ratnesh to fly home to surprise his mother in person. Watch the clip below, then call you mum.

If you’d like to try the recipe for Bhindi it’s available as a PDF on the British Airways website.

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KLM Celebrates Comic Sans Day With Website Font Switcheroo

KLM - Comic Sans Day

Comic Sans is one of the most widely ridiculed fonts in existence. Since it’s creation by Microsoft designer Vincent Connare in 1994, and its inclusion with Windows 95, it has been widely used and misused (someone would argue there is no proper use) by tens of thousands of would-be desktop publishers around the world.

In 2009, Dutch radio hosts Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga began celebrating the font by hosting Comic Sans Day on the first Friday of July.

Some Dutch companies, including KLM have joined in on the joke. The airline’s website features a one-day Comic Sans makeover, but they didn’t stop there. They held a special contest, whereby anyone who was named C. Sans was given the chance to win two return flight tickets from the Netherlands to Paris. To enter, particpants

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South Australia Tourism Uses Nick Cave Song to Lure Tourists to The Barossa Valley

South Australia Tourism - Barossa: Be Consumed

Not “every” song by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds is super-creepy. There’s the one about the wild roses down by the river, it only had one murder mentioned in the lyrics.

While the majority of his lyrics do indeed explore the dark side of the dark side of life (so dark I had to say it twice), the last place you might expect to hear lyrics like, “On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man. In a dusty black coat with a red right hand” would be in ad promoting tourism.

In a clip promoting the Barossa Valley, a major wine-producing region and tourist destination in South Australia, the dark moody lyrics and sounds of Cave’s “Red Right Hand”, first released on his 1994 album “Let Love In” are featured. The song adds an ominous tone to slow-motion scenes of a man carrying dead rabbits, a woman plucking a pheasant, plus bread being baked, sides of beef swaying and milk being “swished” in the dark shadows. All of these scenes lead up to an outdoor feast, that while a bit creepy, still has my mouth watering.

The spot titled “Barossa: Be Consumed” was created by Adelaide agency kwp! and directed by Australian filmmaker Jeffrey Darling. The ad will begin appearing on television networks starting June 2, followed by a digital and print campaign.

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Just Another Day on the Farm. Goat Rides Horse in Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism Ad

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism Ad - Goat Riding Horse

As anyone who’s fallen down the rabbit hole of YouTube animal videos can attest, little goats like to climb up onto things, and it’s hella cute watching them do it. (does anyone still say the word ‘hella’ anymore? So, when the crew filming Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism commercials spotted the unlikely duo near Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, they just had to capture the moment.

In response to what must have been a doubting YouTube commenter, a spokesperson for Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism said:

“While we appreciate that this seems like an unlikely situation, there are actually four goats on this farm, and they all ride the horse. The owner of the animals assures us this is a regular occurrence. When the horse lies down, the goats climb on his back, and then the horse stands up. Our video captures the rest.”

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It’s No Joke. JetBlue Covers Flight Costs of April 1 Travelers Named April

JetBlue - Free Flights for AprilWhile brands like Google, BMW, Nissan and many others were celebrating April Fools Days with fake product announcements, JetBlue was keeping it real by offering a credit voucher equal to the cost of their flight to people (presumably women) with the first name April, who were flying April 1.

On the airline’s Blue Tales blog, the company’s Director of Media Relations April Dinwoodie (yes, April) explained:

“April 1st isn’t always fun and games for everyone. For many of us, it represents an annual tradition of mockery. We’re thrilled to take a moment and do something for those customers that might not look forward to starting their month with a day of teasing.”

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Bear Grylls Goes Wild in Air New Zealand Pre-Takeoff Safety Video

Air New Zealand - Bear Grylls Pre-Take-off Safety Video

Passengers on Air New Zealand never quite know what, or who to expect when the pre-takeoff safety videos are played.

Past safety videos have featured the All Blacks rugby team, American fitness guru and short-shorts enthusiast Richard Simmons sweatin’ out the instructions in a disco-fueled performance, while just last fall a cabin full of characters from the upcoming movie ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ appeared pointing out the exits and how to use the oxygen masks.

Now it’s Bear Grylls’ turn in ‘The Bear Essentials of Safety’. The British adventurer, best known for his television series Man vs. Wild, filmed the safety video in a remote part of the Routeburn Track near Fiordland in New Zealand’s South Island late last year.

Bear Grylls says shooting an in-flight safety video in the wild was an inspired idea. “New Zealand is a country that I have always called my home away from home and I feel so proud to be involved with this campaign. We shot in a truly amazing setting with an amazing team – and that is always a privilege.”

Besides making sure your seat-belt is fastened and your food tray is the upright position, Bear highlights other important safety points, such as safely storing your fish under the seat in front of you and not using the oxygen mask as a portable loo.

Online viewers of the clip can earn a chance to win a trip for two to New Zealand to complete the Great Kiwi Bucket List by counting how many times a moa (a giant flightless bird) appears in the video. The prize includes a 10 day New Zealand holiday with the winner’s choice of six adventure activities from a list that ranges from swimming with dolphins in Doubtful Sound to hot air ballooning across the Canterbury Plains.

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New Zealand

Jamaican Tourist Board Writes Romantic Valentine Tweets In the Sand

Jamaica Tourist Board - Valentine's Day Tweets in the Sand

This Valentine’s Day as we bundle ourselves up against the cold winter winds, shed a frozen tear for the team at DraftFCB NY who are sequestered at a private beach in Frenchman’s Cove, Port Antonio, Jamaica.

The agency is collaborating with the Jamaican Tourist Board for a special Valentine’s-themed social media campaign. The team will take your romantic tweets posted with the hashtag #jamaicavalentine, write them in the warm beach sand and post the results to Twitter and Facebook.

The person posting the most romantic tweet will win a 3 night stay at Secrets St. James Montego Bay.

My favorite tweet of the day has to be: “I will love you until the zombies get you”.

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Solar Charging Dummies Demonstrate the Recharging Power of a Sunny Holiday

Spies Travel - Solar Charging Dummies

With the insight that four Danes experience winter depression and a study that shows that 58% would like travel to warmer destinations to recharge, SPIES Travels, the largest travel company in Denmark and their agency, and their agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded created a fun experiment.

They drafted in the Technical Institute of Denmark to create two solar charging dummies covered with over 3000 flexible solar panels. The two dummies were sent off on separate vacations, Soren was flown to sunny Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, while Urik was stuck at home in snow covered Solrod, Denmark.

After a week, the dummies were brought back to the Institute to test their energy levels. Their batteries were hooked up to robots to demonstrate how that extra energy would play out at the workplace and in the bedroom.

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