Fire & Rescue NSW Honours Everyday Heroes On Digital Statue

Fire & Rescue NSW - Be Super OrdinaryFire & Rescue NSW has partnered with Insurance Company GIO to launch a new campaign on the FRNSW Facebook page as part of their 2011 Winter (yes, it is winter down under) Fire Safety strategy.

Members of the public who take part in the eight question Home Fire Safety Audit can have their picture projected on the face of a 3 metre fireman statue that will appear in several places around Sydney.

People who complete the audit will be receive a notice when and where their face will appear.  Along with the honour of appearing on the statue, people receive a list of practical fire safety tips as well as a reminder in 12 months to take the audit again.

I was quite surprised that the audit evaluated me as a ‘High Fire Safety Risk’, so looks like I have some work to do.

My top 3 recommended action items are:

  • Testing and cleaning my smoke alarm
  • Not to leave my dryer unintended, clean the lint, etc.
  • Clean the filters in my bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans
The campaign is supported by banner ads and eDMs, and will run to September 15 with a goal of 15,000 fire safety audits. The campaign was created by Sydney agency MercerBell.

Agency Interns Help 89-Year Old Tottenham Barber Rebuild After Riots

Keep Aaron Cutting from BBH Barn on Vimeo.

When 89 year-old Aaron Biber arrived at his Tottenham barbershop Sunday, August he found the place trashed and his equipment stolen by rioters and looters. Even his kettle was missing. Aaron did not have insurance and

Aaron Biber - Tottenham BarberKeep Aaron Cutting
The three interns, Björn Conradi, Sophie Browness and Omid Fard at Bartle Boggle Hegarty’s London BBHBarns program were touched by Aaron’s story and were looking for a way to help out. They launched the Keep Aaron Cutting website and spread the word about Aaron’s story.

Within a few days £35,000 has been raised, more than enough to sort things out and repair the barbershop. The blog will remain open at the interns at BBHBarns record the progress of repairs, and they work with the local council to distribute the rest of the funds to help businesses and people in the area recover.

Save Siva’s Shop
Of course Aaron Biber’s barbershop is not the only business devastated in the riots. Hackney shopkeeper Siva Kandiah watched as his Convenience Store was ransacked, leaving him with nothing. As of August 13th, Save Siva’s Shop, a website set up by friends had collected £16,564.91 in donations.

Something Nice for Ashraf
Another site, Something Nice For Ashraf had been setup by Jamie Cowen to help with medical bills for the Malyasian student who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The video has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube. Ashraf posted a thank you video on YouTube on Saturday.

The moral? Sometimes it takes a devastating event like the UK riots, Haiti earthquake or the Japanese Tsunami to make us realize how fortunate we have it and how fragile life can be. And sometimes unfortunately it takes an event like these riots to reveal the underlying issues within our society. I don’t pretend to understand the frustrations of these people nor do I have a solution.

With the 10 year anniversary of 911 coming up in a few weeks, a lot of us will be reflecting on the events of that day and it’s effect on our daily lives. Be kind to each other.

Every Penny Counts in the Fight Against Cancer

Avon Canada - Every Penny CountsThere’s been talk here in Canada recently about getting rid of the penny (as New Zealand and Australia already have) and rounding purchases up or down to the nearest nickel. It seems the lowly one-cent coin is having trouble getting respect these days.

I can recall back in my Junior High days holding ‘Penny Parades’ to raise money. We’d all bring in our pennies from home and line them up on the floor of the gym. These days I jam all my pennies into a large bottle, and I’ve had no use for them until I saw the promo ad for Every Penny Counts (embedded above).

Avon Canada has partnered with Scotiabank Bright Future for the Every Penny Counts campaign. The goal is to collect 125 million pennies (or $1,250,000 dollars) to support Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada, a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1994, and provides free support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer.

While pennies are the focus of the campaign, nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies are welcome too. The campaign site features printable coin rolling wrappers that feature the account name for the campaign. So, grab those pennies from your change bottles and start rolling.

Find Your Doggie-Double Using Doggelganger

The Pedigree Adoption Drive - Doggelganger

It’s a common belief that people and their dogs can look-a-like. Using that idea as a launchpad, Pedigree has launched a human-to-canine matching site named Doggelganger to promote the Pedigree Adoption Drive.

The website, created by Auckland agency Colenso BBDO lets users upload a picture of themselves and then tries to match them with their doggie double.

Just check out my canine match, a handsome looking 2 year-old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Ben & Jerry’s Wants Your Unused Characters to Promote Fair Trade

Do you want to do good with your Tweets but don’t feel particularly chatty. Well, good news for you, Ben & Jerry’s wants to put those unused characters in your tweets to good use. They’ve released a cool Twitter application to promote Fair Trade Day on may 14. You enter your message as normal using the app, the space left over in your tweet is instantly filled with a customized message and link to an applicable article about the fair trade movement.

The application can also work as a Chrome of Firefox browser plugin. You can use up 133 characters in your tweet (I checked), and still include a Fair Trade Message. Now that message is very short and consists of “| > #FT”.

A fun and easy way to spread the message

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me – Be Careful Out There

I saw the video tweeted today earlier. I had a few minutes and clicked on it – I assumed it was might be a cute cautionary tale on growing up, possibly something to do with risky lifestyle choices like sex, drinking or drugs. It wasn’t 25 seconds in when the people in the video began revealing their scars from cancer operations that it became deadly serious.

The video was produced by the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, which was established in 2007 and is devoted to promoting awareness of melanoma in order to save lives. David Cornfield was just 32 years-old when he was diagnosed with melanoma. After being in remission for two years the cancer returned to his lungs then spread to his brain and spinal column, paralyzing him for the last month of his life. After his death his wife Sari founded the fund.

Every year 5300 Canadians are diagnosed with melanoma and 1000 die. If your receive a severe sunburn before the age of 16 the risk of contracting melanoma can double. Good news, nearly 90% melanoma cases can be cured if caught in time.

This video is once of the most effective videos for cancer awareness that I have ever seen. Having spent nearly everyday of the summer running around without a shirt with no thoughts of wearing sunscreen, it made me think and start looking for weird moles. So far so good.

It’s cool that the music used is ‘Generator, First Floor‘ by the Freelance Whales, who I just saw play live last weekend.

So, take care of yourself friends. Have those suspicious moles checked, and get in the habit of checking your skin once a month. There are some great worksheets and information available on the DCMF web site.

Stop Child Sex Slavery – Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

Real Men Don't Buy GirlsAccording to stats on the DNA Foundation website more than twelve million people worldwide are enslaved including two million children that are bought and sold in the commercial sex trade. In the US alone, its estimated that more than 100,000 children are sold for sex.

These are just a few of the shocking numbers that many of us are unaware of. The need for awareness is what drove Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to take action and launch the Demi & Ashton Foundation to battle child sex slavery worldwide.

This week the DNA Foundation launched the ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls‘ campaign on their Facebook page featuring ‘real men celebrities’ such as Drake, Sean Penn, Justin Timberlake, Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy), Ashton Kutcher himself and more.

The Facebook application features several 30 second videos to choose from including Real Men Know How to Start a Fire, Real Men Walk it Off or Real Men Have a Sense of Direction. I chose Real Men are Distrustful of Robots featuring fellow Canuck real man Drake.

At the end of the video we see several framed pictures of more real men like Tom Selleck, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis and hey, there’s my picture! The camera pans back to reveal Eva Longoria who tells the world that Randy is a real man. You can see the results here at this permalink.

What’s awesome

Awareness of this campaign is extremely important. I love the Facebook application functionality here. Personalizing the video not just with my Facebook profile picture but with Eva Longoria saying my name is genius.

What’s not so awesome

It’s tough to be too critical of a campaign to raise awareness of such as shocking issue. However, I’m am concerned over the lack of any real action on the user’s part in this campaign.

It’s very easy to complete the task, be entertained and move on. Maybe a little too easy. Yes, the user can pass the link to the video on to their friends, but even that seems a little clunky in this campaign.

I find the videos themselves are a little silly and soften the hard-hitting statement of ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’.

What do you think of this campaign? Are they asking too little or is just enough?